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Adirondack Bear Hooked Bench or Stool
Aldrich Hooked Bench or Stool
Bench with Shelf 3'
Our Price:  $129.00  
Bench with Shelf 4'
Our Price:  $174.00  
Black Star Hooked Bench or Stool
Bookcase 4'
Our Price:  $345.00  
Bookcase 4' Slim
Our Price:  $249.00  
Bookcase 4' Slim with Door
Our Price:  $299.00  
Bookcase 4' with Doors
Our Price:  $449.00  
Bookcase 6'
Our Price:  $449.00  
Bookcase 6' with Doors
Our Price:  $525.00  
Chimney Cupboard
Our Price:  $273.00  
Chimney Cupboard Open
Our Price:  $228.00  
Chimney Jelly Cupboard
Our Price:  $537.00  
China Hutch
Our Price:  $1,189.00  
China Hutch with Glass Doors
Our Price:  $1,225.00  
Coffee Table with Drawer
Our Price:  $275.00  
Corner Cupboard Base
Our Price:  $275.00  
Corner Hutch
Our Price:  $499.00  
Corner Hutch with Doors
Our Price:  $599.00  
Entry Bench with Drawers
Our Price:  $299.00  
Farm Table
Farm Table with Turned Legs
Hall Cabinet
Our Price:  $375.00  
Jelly Cupboard
Our Price:  $267.00  
Jelly Cupboard with Hutch
Our Price:  $417.00  
Kitchen Island
Low Cabinet with Doors
Our Price:  $349.00  
Monroe Twin Headboard
Our Price:  $905.00  
Sale Price:  $299.00  
Pantry Cupboard
Our Price:  $559.00  
Pie Safe with Punched Tin
Our Price:  $599.00  
Pinecone Hooked Bench
Our Price:  $249.99  
Pinecone Hooked Stool
Our Price:  $159.99  
Primitive Wood Mailbox
Our Price:  $69.99  
Primitive Wood Thermostat Cabinet
Our Price:  $59.99  
Rocker -Poly Hickory
Price as Low as: $435.00
Rocker -Poly Lumbar
Price as Low as: $435.00
Rocker -Wood Ladder Back
Price as Low as: $175.00
Rocker -Wood Lumbar
Price as Low as: $200.00
Server Cabinet
Our Price:  $529.00  
Sideboard Hutch
Our Price:  $965.00  
Single Door Jelly Cabinet
Our Price:  $199.00  
Small Jelly Cupboard with Drawer
Our Price:  $299.00  
Solid Maple Farm Table
Step back Hutch
Our Price:  $425.00  
Stepback Hutch Large
Our Price:  $612.00  
Student Desk
Our Price:  $839.00  
Thumb Back Side Chair
Our Price:  $257.00  
Trashbin Pull Out with Drawer
Our Price:  $299.00  
TV Console 3 Door
Our Price:  $599.00  
Upholstered Camel Back Chippendale Sofa
Upholstered Chair & 1/2
Our Price:  $1,293.00  
Upholstered High Back Wing Chair
Our Price:  $993.00  
Upholstered Loveseat Chippendale Legs
Our Price:  $1,530.00  
Upholstered Occasional Chair
Our Price:  $757.00  
Upholstered Recliner
Our Price:  $997.00  
Upholstered Recliner Button Tuffed Back
Our Price:  $1,073.00  
Upholstered Recliner Pillow Back
Our Price:  $1,067.00  
Upholstered Simple Chair
Our Price:  $855.00  
Upholstered Skirted Sofa
Upholstered Sofa Chippendale Legs
Our Price:  $1,613.00  
Upholstered Wing Back Chair
Our Price:  $825.00  
Walk In The Woods Hooked Bench or Stool
Willow And Sheep Hooked Bench
Our Price:  $249.99  
Willow And Sheep Hooked Stool
Our Price:  $159.99  
Writing Desk
Our Price:  $893.00  
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